How it Works

The principal components of the Weld Hugger are the gas distribution nozzle and the gas supply tube manifold. Both parts are made from 316L stainless steel.

How WeldHugger worksWeld Hugger nozzles act like a miniature “air hockey” table for flowing argon or other welding cover gas mixtures behind and around the molten metal weld pool. The nozzles are designed to provide an even, reliable gas flow that minimizes oxidation and discolorization while reducing the amount of cover gas required to provide good weld area coverage.

Each gas distribution nozzle is fabricated from two 316L stainless steel sheet metal parts that have been photochemically etched to contain gas flow passages and gas exhaust holes. The two parts, combined, are approximately 0.038″ thick. They are diffusion bonded together under high temperature and load to form the “miniature air hockey table”. The nozzles are non-magnetic stainless steel to avoid interaction with the welding arc.

WeldHugger is bendableThey’re Bendable!

Because they are assembled by diffusion bonding, Weld Hugger nozzles can be bent to reflect part shapes and specific application geometry requirements. The bending operation should be done gently, using a rolling mill or forming tool, to avoid crimping the nozzle’s passages or puncturing its surface.

The Weld Hugger gas supply manifold has a 1/4″OD x 0.035″ wall tube that can be bent with standard tube bending tools.