At Work

at workThe Weld Hugger can be utilized in a wide variety of set-up configurations. A basic set-up is represented by the traditional welder’s bench at Master Welders in Phoenix where we did our test welds.

Weld Huggers can also be easily integrated into automated welding systems such as the Jetline robotic in-line welder at K-zell Metals, Inc., also in Phoenix.

WeldHugger Benefits

The Weld Hugger delivers an even and consistent flow of cover gas to the weld area to minimize oxidation and aid part cooling.

Before and AfterReduced Discoloration
and lower finishing costs

Improved Quality
better back side flow-through and cleaner welds that reduce rework and finishing costs

Compact and Efficient
For years, welders have constructed home-made devices to deliver additional cover gas to the weld area.

The Weld Hugger is a much more compact and efficient alternative that will fit in to tight situations and reduce gas consumption.

In many stationary, back side applications, the Weld Hugger is most effective at low inert gas supply pressures under 1 PSIG.