Reduce Oxidation to Improve Your Welding Quality

Shop our KitsWeldHugger – Inert Gas Delivery System for GTAW and TIG Welders

A unique, cost-effective tool to distribute inert cover gas for trailing shield and back side requirements.

Weld Hugger nozzles act like a miniature “air hockey” table for flowing argon or other welding cover gas mixtures behind and around the molten metal weld pool. The nozzles are designed to provide an even, reliable gas flow that minimizes oxidation and discoloration while reducing the amount of cover gas required to provide good weld area coverage.

Before and AfterWeld Hugger Benefits

The Weld Hugger delivers an even and consistent flow of cover gas to the weld area to minimize oxidation and aid part cooling.

Call to Order TodayReduced Discoloration
Lower finishing costs

Improved Quality
Better back side flow-through and cleaner welds that reduce rework and finishing costs

Compact and Efficient
Weld Hugger nozzles create a more efficient gas flow compared to the flood applications of other cover gas set-ups. They can allow applications with gas pressures around one to two psi that avoid unwanted gas turbulence and maintain the integrity of the cover gas cloud over the weld pool.